The program is intended for practicing psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, social workers and social pedagogues who would like to learn the method by exploring the basics of Jung’s theory and sandplay therapy, encountering the personal process and experience of sandplay therapy when using this method in everyday practice.

Head of the program: Vera Ščerbakova (Batņa) - Jungian Analyst, Psychotherapist, Internationally Certified Sandplay Teacher and Supervisor (TM ISST), Head of the Centre for Analytical Psychology and Sandplay Therapy, President of the Latvian Society for Sandplay Therapy (LSST), author of the book “The World in the Sand” ( 2011) on the theory and practice of sandplay therapy.

Program scope: 120 hours – theory, 80 hours – supervisions and personal experience.

Duration of training: 2.5 years.

Program structure: two-day theoretical and supervisory seminars every two months.

Number of participants in a group: no more than 12.

Program Content:
The program includes an insight into the theoretical justification of the method: the theory of K. G. Jung’s analytical psychology and the theory of sandplay therapy, developed by the founder of the method, Dora Kalff and her followers, as well as the opportunity to master the skill of using sandplay therapy in the practice of a psychologist or psychotherapist, working with children and their parents, as well as adult clients.
The unique feature of the program is that the theory is based on the analysis of clinical cases, thus allowing participants to analyse completed cases as well as individual episodes and sessions. This will allow them to develop a deep understanding of sandplay therapy in Dora Kalff’s traditions.
During the training, the participants will experience work with sandboxes themselves, analyse sand images and understand how to incorporate sandplay therapy in their consultant or psychotherapist’s work.
Vera Ščerbakova’s author program is for those who have mastered the basic program “Theory and Practice of Sandplay Therapy” or another equivalent basic training program in sandplay therapy.
Participants of the program “Vera Ščerbakova’s Sandplay Therapy Masterclasses” will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in sandplay therapy and Jung’s analytical psychology, to analyse case studies and share experiences.
Currently, three groups of “Vera Ščerbakova’s Sandplay Therapy Masterclasses” are studying at the Centre for Analytical Psychology and Sandplay Therapy. The fourth group will start on January 25, 2019.

Program structure: Two-day theoretical seminars and supervisory seminars.

Program Content:
  • Clinical-theoretical part: the structure and dynamics of the psyche in C. G. Jung’s theory; the development of personality in the theory of Jung’s analytical therapy and the theory of sandplay therapy; theoretical understanding of the therapeutic effects of sandplay: the dynamics of the Ego-Self relationship in the sandplay therapy process; the levels of aggression manifestation and transformation in the sandplay therapy process; the understanding of therapeutic relationships in Jung’s theory, the use of counter-transference as an important part of the therapeutic process.
  • Cultural-historical part: the content field of Jung’s analytical therapy; understanding of psychic processes with the help of mythology and ethnography; myths and tales as a reflection of collective psychic processes.
  • Supervisions in sandplay therapy.

Upon completing the program, the participants will receive certificates of the Centre for Analytical Psychology and Sandplay Therapy. The credits earned during the training will be included in the recertification of the certified LSST sandplay therapists and ISST certification. Those who want to write the work for ISST certification, will receive help in preparing the work.

Masterclasses start on January 25, 2019.

You can apply by writing an email to or by phone 29109220.